Booking & Planning Your Bookworks Event

Scheduling a Book Event at Bookworks

Bookworks is well-known for its events as the host, co-host, and bookseller for more than 400 events each year, both in our store and at off-site venues throughout Albuquerque.

While we book 5-10 events per week, we receive an even larger number of requests that we simply do not have the time, space, or staff to accommodate. We host a wide variety of events and experiment with an array of topics, but rarely some types of events might not be appropriate for our clientele, or we cannot assure a good outcome for you, as the author, your publisher, or our store. We attempt to curate our event calendar as carefully as we curate our book selection, while also doing what we can to promote authors and their works through events.

Most of our events are for authors of NEW non-fiction, fiction, and poetry. We prefer featuring authors with books less than one year old and books for which we have not already done an event. Our calendar fills 3 months in advance so please contact us with ample time for scheduling around your publication date.

As of Fall 2021, we are not booking any events for the rest of the year.  Please keep yourself updated on our website.

If you would like to explore the possibility of having an event for your book at Bookworks, please email with the following info:

*Name and contact info *City of residence and Albuquerque connections *Book info: title, publication date, publisher, ISBN, and a 25-word synopsis *Website links for you and your publisher *Promotional ideas or special marketing angles for an event *Dates you'd like to check for availability on our calendar; dates you are not available

Event Format

Our events run 45 minutes to 2 hours long with an average of 1-1 1/2 hours in length. We ask authors to arrive 10-15 minutes early, or 30 minutes early if you have an audio-visual component or special set up for your event. Events begin with a short welcome to Bookworks and introduction of the author by our event emcee, followed by your 30-45 minute presentation of  material. Reading from the book for 10-15 minutes is fine, but please be prepared to give background into how the book was inspired or published, insights into the writing process, special anecdotes or stories related to writing the book, or information in general about your book's topic(s), characters, plot, etc. Your presentation should be a good mix of talking/discussion and reading short pieces that illustrate certain subjects or plot points of importance in your book. After your 30-45 minute presentation, we will open the floor to a question and answer session, usually 10-15 minutes depending on the topic and audience size and interest. The last part of your event will be devoted to your signing books, and depending on the number of people attending and/or buying books, the signing portion can last ten minutes, or an hour (for large crowds). Many authors personalize books and we can provide sticky notes for customers to write their personalization ("for Mary") for you. Photos are fine with us, as long as the signing line keeps moving. If possible, a Bookworks staff member can help with photos.

Audio-Visual Preparations

Bookworks has an amp, a microphone, and a mic stand you are welcome to use if necessary. For larger crowds, amplification is necessary; for a small or regular sized event, low-fi is generally fine in our intimate quarters. Please do project your voice if not using a mic. Many of our customers are hard of hearing and the store often fills quickly with bodies that will muffle your voice.

We have a large projector screen, projector, and laptop computer you are welcome to use for any slide show or image projection you'd like to have as part of your presentation. This works particularly well with books that are heavily illustrated or non-fiction that might require some reference visuals. If you'd like to use our equipment, please do let us know in advance so we can have it set up upon your arrival that night of your event. The preferred transfer method for slide shows or images is a flash drive which we can plug directly into our laptop. Since our equipment is PC-compatible, if you bring a Mac product housing your slideshow, you will need to bring the proper adaptor cord with you. A flash drive is truly the easiest, or you can email us your presentation in advance. Please consult with the events manager to arrange: