Christine Hickman, Gnocchi Solo Gnocchi, cookbook signing

An experienced teacher, caterer, and writer for more than 25 years, Christine Hickman enjoys sharing her enthusiasm for food and cooking with her students, clients and readers.

Available for hands-on private cooking classes, she divides time between Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Perugia, Italy, where her love of “all things Italian” as well as other ethnic cuisines has fervently blossomed. 

From the book's description:

"With my first mouthful of gnocchi, I was hit with a passion that has continued for more than 25 years. And about the same time, after learning the “art of making gnocchi” from an Italian friend, Anna Maria Rodriquez D’Amato, I decided to write a comprehensive book on the subject. The idea, a long time "simmering on the back burner" has now given birth to a one of a kind book comprising all the various forms of gnocchi as they're made in Italy. It’s dedicated to my many years of living   in Italy, my love of the Italian food and culture, and all the wonderful friends I’ve made along the way.

Gnocchi, in most people’s experience, are small potato dumplings that are usually commercially made, a bit gummy and dense, and not that appealing. Well-made gnocchi, on the other hand, are light and creamy in texture---a divine pleasure to the palette.

Gnocchi, Solo Gnocchi, explains the tricks of making one of Italy's favorite first courses, as well as introduces to gnocchi lovers everywhere the many variations of Italian gnocchi, including  canederli, cheese, sweet, stuffed, vegetable, and semolina based. Pronounced nyoh-kkee and translated dumpling, they were widely made and eaten without the addition of potato for many  years before the potato was introduced to Italy. And as most foods change with the availability of ingredients, so has gnocchi changed over the decades.​"

You can view Christine's Gnocchi making video at:

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