Conference and Corporate Sales

Bookworks sells books at many outside meetings, conferences and events every year. We have a turnkey "mobile bookstore" operation that enables us to sell books at your event with only a table, a chair, and access to electricity. We handle all ordering of books (working with you and your organization to develop the booklist), transport of books to the site and sales, and any donations from profits. 

Book sales add a lot to an event! Conference and meeting attendees love being able to purchase books to find out more about what they've learned at an event. We are able to order books from major national publishers, small and independent presses, and university presses for events, and create a book inventory list that is specially-tailored to your event and your attendees' interests.

We have sold at conferences in New Mexico, including the National Organzation of Women, National Wilderness Conference, and Great Cities Great Schools conference. We sell annually at the UNM Summer Writer's Conference and many conferences hosted by Southwest Writers, The Children's Law Institute, Head to Toe, Advocacy in Action, New Mexico Organic Farming Conference, the Xeriscape Council, and more. 

If you are interested in finding out more about our conference and event sales program, or you would like Bookworks to sell books at your event, please contact our Marketing and Events Director, Amanda Sutton, or call (505) 344-8139.

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