Bookworks is happy to offer a consignment program to authors.  This program allows Bookworks to carry and feature a much wider variety of self-published and print-on-demand titles than we could through traditional purchasing. PLEASE REFRAIN FROM consignment queries in person in DECEMBER unless an appointment has been set up in advance. Thank you.

Please review the consignment contract and then email with any questions. If you'd like to stop by the store with a copy of your book to leave with us, we will see if it's a good fit for our consignment program. There is a $25 stocking fee for consignment which covers our overhead costs entering the book into our inventory and working with you on inventory management.


Terms are as follows:

The basic handling fee is $25, non-refundable.  This includes return shipping for unsold product at the end of a consignment period. 

Bookworks will pay the indicated party 60% of the retail price for each book sold.  For example, if the retail price of a book is $10, Bookworks will pay the consignor $6 per copy sold.  Gifts, music., and cards may be 50% of retail price, subject to an agreement with Russell, our sidelines buyer.

Bookworks is not responsible for lost or stolen merchandise. 

It is your responsible to check with us on payment after your three month term. Consignment checks are cut every 2-4 weeks in the order they are received with consignment policies subject to change. 

PLEASE REFRAIN FROM CONDUCTING CONSIGNMENT BUSINESS WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT IN DECEMBER. We are incredibly busy during the holiday season and consignment matters require an appointment. Call 505-344-8139 to inqure.