Father's Day Gift Grab

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Bookworks has long loved selling gifts and curating something special for that book lover in your life. We are now happy to offer Gift Grabs!

We can do gift grabs by special request, but for now we are offering Dad Grabs, for either $50 or $100. All pricing includes shipping. 

Products will vary per gift grab but will include basic items listed below. If the father you are gifting has a favorite author or genre, or a career track they are pursuing, feel free to leave comments for us in the "comments" field at checkout. We will try to accommodate each giftee's tastes!

Please use the coupon code FREESHIPPING at checkout, since shipping is included. Please place orders by May 30 to ensure Father's Day delivery.

Dad Grab 

  • $50 grab includes 1 hardcover new release, 1 advance readers copy, 1 card, and 1-3 small gift items (might include chapstick, bookmark, booklight, deck of cards, notecards, candle, pins, magnets, journal etc) neatly wrapped and shipped.
  • $100 grab includes 2 hardcover new releases, 1 candle, 1 pair of socks, 1 advance readers copy, 1 card, and 1-3 small gift items neatly wrapped and shipped.
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