#DemigodGoals Event--Special Rick Riordan Authorless Activity Day

Join us for hours of fun and games that will prepare one for heroic tasks. Based on Rick Riordan series, this traveling show includes half a dozen games, activities, and giveaways for Riordan fans as we prepare for his September 27 visit to Albuquerque!

Free event for middle school to high school ages.

The following activities will be set-up in a central location within the store. As guests complete each activity, they will receive a black RR coin to retrieve prizes at the “Let Fate Decide” board.

  • Wheel of Destiny – This spinning prize wheel will showcase eight cabins from Camp Half-Blood. Each cabin will correspond with an exclusive trading card. 

  • Eyes of a God Scavenger Hunt – Cabin Half-Blood-related props such as tridents and snakes will be located throughout the bookstore with letters labeled upon them. Guest will receive a clue sheet which will lead them around the space to find all seven letters, ultimately spelling DEMIGOD. 

  • It’s All Greek to Me! – Fans will learn to write their name while using the Greek Alphabet! While referencing the alphabet on an activity card, guests will spell out their name on a branded name tag.

  • Mark of a Demigod – Guests will have the opportunity to show off their #DemigodGoals with seven customized temporary tattoos, each representing a cabin from Camp Half Blood. 

  • Demigod Defense – Guests can design and color their own poster board Riptide sword! Blank swords will be set up on a table with various markers, jewels, stickers, glitter tape, and more. 

  • Demigod of Fame Photo Op – This take-your-own photo op will have fans pose together in front of the branded backdrop and select from an assortment of mythology-themed props. 

  • Let Fate Decide Board - Once a guest has made it through their activities, they will turn in their gold coins at the “Let Fate Decide” board. The guest will drop their coin down the board and let fate determine their destiny. The fan will then receive a prize – whether that is a button, bracelet, t-shirt, etc. – based on which slot their coin lands in. 

Event date: 
Saturday, July 27, 2019 - 3:00pm
Event address: 
4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107