A Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin (Kobo eBook)

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Writer, printer, scientist, inventor, statesman, and youngest son in a family of seventeen children, Benjamin Franklin is considered one of our greatest Americans.

Supported by colorful illustrations, Adler's biography brings to life one of America's founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin.

Adler highlights Franklin's stunning accomplishments and his day-to-day life from his time as a young boy in Boston, Massachusetts through his role as the oldest delegate to the Constitutional Congress at the age of 81.

A lifelong book lover and printer, Franklin poularized famous sayings like "haste makes waste" and "early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise" in his annual Poor Richard's Almanack. An energetic inventor and public servant, he created the Franklin stove and bifocal glasses and established the first lending library and hospital in America.

Young readers looking for insight into one of America's greatest founders, will find inspiration while gaining understanding and appreciation of US colonial history.