Love and War in the Age of Aquarius (Kobo eBook)

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Set against the gorgeous high mountains of Taos New Mexico, and the vehemence of the Vietnam War is a rich literary vision found by authors Amaia Joy and Geoffrey Carroll.

1969—An up roaring delirious year.
Three Lives whirl through an effusive multilayered plot combined with vibrant characters kaleidoscopically creating turning points through a historical narrative highlighting the upheavals of that era.

It was a time of Rock music, the sexual revolution, drugs, new freedoms, spiritual exploration, and the turbulent and destructive conflict and protest of the war, social madness, confusing political upheaval, and ongoing acerbic racial hatred.

Revive your knowledge with the truth of Vietnam. America’s nightmare of profound racial unrest and a sick wicked war sadly being fought in the name of peace. Killing for Peace was like fucking for virginity. Brothers fought without America’s support. Brothers returned without America’s welcome home.

Simultaneously you will discover the mystical forces and complex struggles and triumphs emerging two clashing souls between a cowboy and a hippy. An inexhaustible whirl of passion becomes a provocative love story that is filled with enticingly descriptive indecently hot fusion, uniquely awakened, unquenchable erotic sexual energy.

Under the omnipotent Rio Grande sun, you can explore the unique, diverse, cultures and sacred roots of New Mexico through this historical narrative which highlights the New Buffalo Commune in Arroyo Hondo/Taos nestled among one of the richest mingling landscapes in the world. The communal life of hippies where true entertainment for the Angels. Prejudice times tried to bury their spirits, but they didn’t know that it only awakened the new Aquarian seeds of life.

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ISBN-13: 9781665702843
Publisher: Archway Publishing
Publication Date: May 11th, 2021