Event Request Form

Please complete this form if you are interested in holding an author event at Bookworks. We recommend contacting us at least two months before your desired date range.

Please note that we now receive more than one request per day for events. We hold at most 1-2 events per week (fewer during holiday and vacation times), which is what we can successfully manage with our current staffing. The events are a mix of local, regional, and national authors. About 80% of authors this year have been from New Mexico. If an event seems like a good fit, we will reach out for further conversation within a week or two.

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Turnout for events is heavily driven by an author’s own personal network and outreach, especially through social media. As we’re booking events, we want to make sure we’re setting authors up for success. Do you have many Albuquerque/nearby friends and family you might expect to attend? What community connections and networks do you expect to utilize your event? Please detail your plans for publicity outreach, including your social media following.
Do you have other events scheduled in Albuquerque or the surrounding area? If so, please list the location(s) and time(s).
Is there anything else you would like us to know?