Making Your Event a Success

Bookworks receives hundreds of event requests each year, and to ensure a return on our investment of overhead costs associated with booking, promoting, staffing, ordering, and returning books for events, we have implemented a vetting process for choosing the events we schedule.

For each author/publisher event request, we ask authors or their publishers to do the following marketing:

Email promotion--email 25-50 contacts within driving distance of our store, directly inviting them to your event. Include date, time, and a link to the event page for ordering your book in advance. Give them our address and phone number.

Social media--post our event on at least one of your social media profiles including Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, multiple times (i.e. when you book the event, 1-2 weeks away, the day before, and day of your event).

Web promotions--include a link to our event on your website. (Yes, you should have your own website.) Send the link to local or national blogs.

Promotional partner--ask a group you are affiliated with to be a promotional parter by reposting your event, sharing with its membership, providing snacks or giveaways (i.e. your church, work, your current or former school(s), colleagues, volunteer organization, or a special interest group).

Advertise--consider spending $10-$20 boosting your event on your Facebook business page or buying a quarter- page ad in the Weekly Alibi, or a local newsletter in your field.

Publisher help--ask your publicist to contact local media. We have a media list we can share upon request, and they should have their own, as well. If you do not have a publicist with your publisher, consider hiring a private one.

Write--write a blog post and ask other bloggers to share it. Write an op-ed about the subject of your book and send to local newspapers and news media. Write a feature article about writing your book. Develop a Q&A with yourself that can be used by local reporters or someone interviewing you at your event. Send us a quality bio we can put on our website or social media or use to introduce you at your event.


  • Plan ahead. Book promotion, especially with print media, is best done 1-3 months in advance. Book your event early and begin promotion early. We book our calendar 2-3 months in advance.
  • Get a quality author photo. We like to use author photos on our website and social media. Have a professional photographer take a headshot for you--a high resolution (at least 300 dpi), digital up-close shot of your face.
  • Visit online resources like or for tips on promoting your book, especially if you are self-published or the publisher is offering little or no support.
  • Peruse our website EVENTS tab, especially the BOOKING and FAQ to answer your questions ahead of time. We have one marketing professional doing a number of jobs. Many of your questions can be answered by doing your research.
  • Come to an event in our space. Better yet, two. Come to a large event and a smaller event and see what each has to offer and what the diferences are. Get to know our event space and booksellers before your presentation.
  • Devise a creative format for your event. Add snacks. Play a game. Bring interesting audio visuals. Ask a friend or expert to interview you. Do something different!

To learn about what Bookworks does to market its events, see the attached summary below.