Folk Revival Project with Justin Thompson and Friends

The Folk Revival Project Mission Statement is to educate and build community through generating and reinforcing an interest in Americana and Folk music and American and Folk music history, and to preserve and pass on those musical and cultural traditions through lectures, concerts, workshops and other productions.

This lecture will be presented by Justin Thompson and will cover and wide variety of folk music history topics, from Women's history in music to the tradition of union and labor songs, songs on equality and injustice, etc.

Live examples of these songs and traditions will be performed by Justin and his band to supplement lecture content.

Justin Thompson is a songwriter and performer from Albuquerque, New Mexico with an affinity for traditional folk music and the acoustic guitar. His persona and lyrics are as poetic as they are rough around the edges, and both lend themselves to honest and energetic performances. With an instinctive knack for melody and prose, Justin's songs are a singable as they are poignant.

Justin will be accompanied by a trio backing band including Melanie Williams, Ky Burtt, and Gabrielle Louise.

Melanie Williams plays Bass, Ukelele, and Percussion for Justin's show. Her radiant soprano harmonies and supportive bass lines surround Justin's melodies. We have come to call this phenomenon the "Mel Train". She is one of the more well-rounded musicians Justin has had the liberty of sharing the stage with.

Ky Burt will be playing Mandolin, Banjo, an Guitar. Ky hails from Flagstaff, Arizona where he has developed a unique yet rooted folk style. Though he is an agile musician with impressive technical prowess, his humility is disarming and allows the audience permission to connect to his performance. Ky's musical knowledge is a well traveled suitcase with a collection of melodic relics and stylistic nuances.

Gabrielle Louise will support Justin playing Guitar, Bass, Mandolin, and Percussion. Gabrielle has an alluring stage presence, stylized harmonies, and inventive instrumentation that have become an integral part of Justin's live act. They have an undeniable consonance when it comes to duets. Though she is a powerhouse act on her own, Gabby blends with Justin's style to create a distinctive sound.

For more information on Justin Thompson, please visit his website,, or watch live videos on his youtube channel:

Check out the playlist online.

Event date: 
Friday, January 23, 2015 - 7:00pm
Event address: 
4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW
87107-3157 Albuquerque