Danielle Foster, co-owner, buyer, accounts payable, consignment, schools

Wyatt Wegrzyn, co-owner, used book buyer, receiving, IT, consignment

Connie Griffin, children's specialist and buyer

Amanda Sutton, events & marketing director

Brenna Gomez, event emcee

Jennifer De Garmo, children's events and school liaison

Joanne Matzenbacher, designer & newsletter editor

Phil Tubbiolo, returns manager

Lynn Brennan, bookseller

Charlie Castillo, bookseller

Deb Green, bookseller

Elaine Lewis, bookseller

Lu Loomis, bookseller

Pat Marsello, bookseller

Mia Worley, bookseller

Micaela Seidel, bookseller emeriti

Karin Urban, bookseller emeriti

Russell Villars, bookseller emeriti

Susan Wasson, reviewer, bookseller emeriti

Joe Wesbrook, bookseller, bookseller emeriti


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