Used Books

Used book buying is on hiatus until the COVID-19 public health crisis abates. Thank you for your understanding.


Bookworks buys gently used books from customers, in exchange for store credit, on Mondays from 1 pm-5 pm or by appointment. For more information or to set up an appointment, call 505-344-8139 or stop by Bookworks.  Buyers are looking for like-new used books, especially hardcover new fiction and nonfiction and classic and best-selling literature for adults and books for children and teens.


  • Due to volume of used book customers and other shop duties, our used book buyer on duty can look at one bag or box at a time.
  • Due to space and staffing restraints, books cannot be left unattended.
  • Books should have no markings, pen or pencil, highlighting, stickers, odors, water damage, or other damage.
  • Buying will be at the discretion of the Bookworks used book buyer. 
  • Buyers will give store credit at a fraction of the amount we can sell the book for in the store.