Used Books

Bookworks buys gently used books from customers, in exchange for store credit, every Monday from 1-5 pm or by appointment.

Buyers are looking for like-new used books, especially hardcover new fiction and nonfiction and classic and best-selling literature for adults and books for children and teens. Books should have no markings, stickers, odors, water damage, or other damages. Buying will be at the discretion of the Bookworks used book buyer.

Buying hours run from 1 pm-6 pm every Monday, and by appointment. On Monday nights when there is an event in the store, buying hours will end at 5:30. Due to space and staffing restraints, books cannot be left unattended.
Bookworks has begun carrying used books for sale, including inventory from the now closed bookstore, The Bookstop. Come browse our used book section in the south half of the store.

For more information, call 505-344-8139 or stop by Bookworks.