Victoria Josslin, The Bookstore of Other Languages

Bryce Hanford, aimless, drifting, and stuck, needs a spark of energy. He finds it at The Bookstore of Other Languages (“offering effortless fluency in any language through a simple and safe outpatient procedure”). Always helpful, never trustworthy, The Bookstore leads Bryce, his family, his girlfriend, his true love (oops), a couple of fraudulent co-conspirators, and a deus ex machina of questionable ethics from Seattle to Tirana to Paris, with a slight detour to Manaos. While Bryce finds it in himself to handle fraud, smuggling, and a friend’s sudden cancer diagnosis, not to mention handling Cousin Brenda, he also finds that what he really wants is someone who speaks his own language.

Victoria Josslin has written art reviews and articles for magazines, daily newspapers, and online art publications for over twenty years. She wrote The Bookstore of Other Languages out of sheer wish fulfillment, since she has studied several languages, is better in some than others, but is fluent, alas, in none. If you asked her for her favorite authors, depending on the day you ask, she might say Edith Wharton, John LeCarré, Louise Penny, Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, Anthony Trollope, or P.G. Wodehouse, among many others. Victoria Josslin and her husband live near Seattle for half the year and in Albuquerque for the other half. She is a contributing editor for Glass Quarterly Magazine.

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Sunday, June 10, 2018 - 3:00pm
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4022 Rio Grande Blvd NW
Albuquerque, NM 87107