Virtual Events

Bookworks conducts its virtual author events via Zoom meetings (as of 05/25/20). Most virtual events are free to attend. We enthusiastically encourage you to buy the author's book or something else from Bookworks' website so that we can continue our long tradition of fine events. Register for individual events on each page for them on our calendar. You will see a REGISTER HERE link that will allow you to automatically sign up via Zoom.

The highest regard for authors and other attendees is expected from everyone attending the event. Attendees will be immediately removed from the room and disallowed to rejoin the event for any of the following behaviors: rude comments or noises during the event, spamming the chat box, sharing of inappropriate material on the screen or chat, lewd or vulgar behavior or language, any other behanvior deemed offensive or unsafe. Secondly, for everyone's security, please do not share the Zoom meeting link publicly on social media. 

For best results, attendees and authors should make their first login and update to the most recent version of Zoom prior to the event. To start, click on the Zoom link in the confirmation email, and you will be prompted to allow Zoom to access your camera and computer and to sign in with an email address. If you have not already, create a Zoom account for best results and launch from the application on your desktop. Launching from the browser will work, as well, but sound and other technical concerns seem better from the application. 

When the Zoom meeting starts, the Bookworks moderator and the presenter(s) will be microphoned, and attendees will be muted and with video off during the presentation. Unless otherwise requested, participants are welcome to turn on their video. In cases where sound becomes an issue, video may need to be turned off by the moderator, or a sound only platform used.

Event formats typically include a brief introduction from the Bookworks moderator, the author talking about the book or reading for 30-40 minutes, or in conversation with a co-host, and 10-15 minutes of question and answer with the audience. Format will vary from event to event, including poetry readings, author-audience live chats, panels, and in-conversation events. Depending on the size of the meeting, audience Q&A will be conducted either via chat or with the moderator calling upon the attendee and controlling the sound.

Find out more about each specific event during the event introduction, or send a chat message to the Bookworks moderator if you have a question during the event.

Enjoy your virtual event! If you want to check out something you missed, videos will be uploaded to our Facebook page and our Youtube channel.

More for authors/presenters: 

For the best results with event security, please do not share the Zoom meeting link publicly on social media. Share with colleagues instead via a direct message or email. Sharing your link publicly on Twitter, for example, can invite random Zoom "bombers" to disrupt your event. 

Presenters should sIgn in to the meeting 10-15 minutes early to for a sound check and to go over a final run-of-show with your Bookworks' moderator.

Check your lighting and try to have natural light from a window or an artificial light directly in front of your face (i.e. behind your device) during the event.

Please speak loudly and clearly, sitting as close to your computer as possible. An external mic is not usually necessary, but can help with sound, as can microphoned headphones.